asSalamuaLa!Kum..juz koL me miRa jew...stiLL studnt g..sajew mau kngsi2 ckit cTer lam mY bloG nyh...kowd2 ad iktibar taw pandUan k lam ctr mirA nyh..aminn....insyaLLah,kTa kngsi sma2 noh ctr nyh..juz enJoy...^^

Selasa, 2 November 2010


Posted by ˙˙::ɐɹ‾ǝıɯ::˙˙ at 10:38 PTG

 At least 5 peOple in this wOrld lOve yOu sO much , they wOuld die fOr yOu .
 At least 15 peOple in this wOrld lOve yOu in sOme way .
 The Only reasOn anyOne wOuld ever hate yOu is because they want tO be just like yOu .
 A smile frOm yOu can bring happiness tO anyOne , even if they dOn't like yOu .
 Every night , SOMEONE thinks abOut yOu befOre they gO tO sleep .
 YOu mean the wOrld tO sOmeOne .
 If nOt fOr yOu , sOmeOne may nOt be living .
 YOu are special and unique .
 SOmeOne that yOu dOn't even knOw exists lOves yOu .
 When yOu make the biggest mistake ever , sOmething gOod cOmes frOm it .
 When yOu think the wOrld has turned its back On yOu , take a loOk : yOu mOst likely turned yOur back On the world .
 When yOu think yOu have nO chance Of getting what yOu want , yOu prObably wOn't get it , but if yOu believe in yOurself , prObably , sOoner Or later , yOu will get it .
 Always remember the cOmpliments yOu received . FOrget abOut the rude remarks .
 Always tell sOmeOne hOw yOu feel abOut them ; yOu will feel much better when they knOw .
 If yOu have a great friend , take the time tO let them knOw that they are great .

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