asSalamuaLa!Kum..juz koL me miRa jew...stiLL studnt g..sajew mau kngsi2 ckit cTer lam mY bloG nyh...kowd2 ad iktibar taw pandUan k lam ctr mirA nyh..aminn....insyaLLah,kTa kngsi sma2 noh ctr nyh..juz enJoy...^^

Sabtu, 31 Mac 2012

GiRl ShOUld bE StRONG likE thiS

Posted by ˙˙::ɐɹ‾ǝıɯ::˙˙ at 8:12 PG

He met her after a long break up ..
He told her : 

Sorry , I've met a new one , I have a new girlfriend and another future ..
How about your life ?

She closed her eyes to hide her tears .. 
Remembered all the memories she shared with him ..
She remembered how she shared his pain before his happy moments and how she refused many other boys just to stay with him ..
She kept the remains of her pride and collected her force , smiled and said : 

Sorry Sir , but do i know you ?

 i wish to be strong like this if this ever happen to me ..


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